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Nx 10 Plot Profile

Hi, I have set a plot profile with personal customization (penprofile_1); now I need to use the same settings on another pc. Is it possible to load my profile penprofile_1, without copiyng all the settings? I cannot find information on where it is saved.

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Re: Nx 10 Plot Profile

Hi @Laurus,

When various preferences are set for a command dialog, it can be saved using the option 'Save Favorite As..' and the same can be loaded whenever required from the same dialog option.



This favorite data gets saved to a file in a local OS folder with '.fav' extension and can be located by path"C:\Users\XYZ\AppData\Local\Siemens\NX100\Favorites". From there you can copy the file and paste in the same location on another system and can be used.




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‎05-04-2017 02:47 AM

Re: Nx 10 Plot Profile

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The user profiles for plotting are by default stored in the file:




Copy that file to the equivalent location on the other persons computer and you should be fine (as long as you have the same plotter names setup).

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Re: Nx 10 Plot Profile

Thank you Ganesh_Kadole, this is a good tip

Re: Nx 10 Plot Profile

Thank you!