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Obtaining drafting view scale

Hello everyone!


How can I obtain the scale of the drawing view? I tried the .Scale property of the DraftingView object, but it returns different kind of scale, more like zoom. I can read the VWSCALE attribute and get the scale from there, but maybe it is still possible directly from the DraftingView object?


Re: Obtaining drafting view scale

Have you tried recording a journal of setting the view scale for a driawing view?

That should point you to the correct code to read the scale

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Re: Obtaining drafting view scale

I did, but I could not utilize that code for my purpose. It looks like a code to set a scale, not to read it. Am I wrong?

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‎05-25-2017 10:19 AM

Re: Obtaining drafting view scale

{drafting view}.Style.General.Scale


You can query or set the scale with this property.

Re: Obtaining drafting view scale

Thank you!