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Optimimum stoarage of Facet vertices

Hello All,
In my current project I am dealing with facets. I follow below steps.
1. Facet Existing Solid Body
2. Get All Facets
3. Get all vertices of Facets
4. Sort all the vertices and Find out Distinct vertices for optimum storage space.


My goal is to get all the vertices of faceted model and find distinct vertices out of those.
Is there any OOTB NXOpen function available for this type of problem ?

Thanks for your help.


Re: Optimimum stoarage of Facet vertices

I am having a hard time with double[][] facetVertices = theUFS.facet().askVerticesOfFacet(fb, facetID).vertices;

in java.

All other facet() methods are responsive but this one takes forever. I need another way of getting facet vertices.