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PMI Dimension Information


Hello everyone!

I am working on a XML-Exporter for PMI-information. The first time was relative successful and I was able to write a first application to obtain the desired data. But now I have reached a point, where I can't go any further without any help. The provided data delivers everything needed, except the information about the placement of dimensions. I have managed to write the Annotation.Origin into my file, but it's not exactly what I expected. Furthermore, I need the exact coordinates of lines, strings and symbols that are provided to define the dimension. For Example when a dimension describes the length of an edge, I need to know, between which coordinates (anchorpoints) the line of the PMI gets rendered.

I hope you more experienced users could help me with this issue :)
Thanks in advance!




Re: PMI Dimension Information


Hi @DavidK1


I was in to your shoe sometime before here is what is did. 

Once you find the PMI. you need to push it in to its builder .

let me explain with one example which is applicable for all PMI. consider you found a PMI linear dimension you have to push it in to PMI Linear Dimension Builder. keep this in mind that builder is not only to set data, I can also be used to get information. For Dimesion there is trick, there are many types of PMI Dimension Builder instead of using different builder you can use PMIRAPIDDIMENSIONBUILDER which will serve your purpose. For all other PMI annotation you need to use it respective builders to extract information. 




Re: PMI Dimension Information


Hi @Irfan23,


thank you very much for sharing your knowledge!

Your Input was very helpful and i got an new idea about the innerworkings of NxOpen.

I will post my Solution here, if i get the whole thing workingSmiley Happy


Best regards,