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PMI notes

I have a set of 1200 parts which require PMI notes on each of them. Most of them are going to be same notes and different for others. Is there any way I could put this notes, every time I open up a part with single click , instead of typing the same note again?


Thanks in advance





Re: PMI notes

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Sure. The short answer is "yes".


You just need a small program that creates the note with the desired text. To create the note, your program would call some function like NXOpen.Annotations.AnnotationManager.CreateNote or Snap.Create.Note.


If there is no rule that determines where the note should be located, your program would need to ask the user to specify a location. To run the program whenever a part file is opened, you attach it to the "Part Open" user exit.


If there is some rule that determines the note's location, then you could embed that logic in your program, too, and then the user wouldn't have to specify a location. In fact, then, you could write a program that just cycles through all your 1200 part files, opening each one and adding the note. No clicking required at all.


Here's some example code stolen from the SNAP Reference Guide:


Imports Snap, Snap.Create

Public Class MyProgram

   Public Shared Sub Main()

      ' Create a very simple one-line note.
      ' We pass "Nothing", so formatting will be controlled by preferences
      Dim p As New Position(30, 65)
      Note(p, Nothing, "Hello")

      ' A more interesting three-line note,
      ' again using formatting from annotation preferences
      Dim lines As String() = New String(3) {}
      lines(0) = "Price: €247 ± €5 for 25cm³"
      lines(1) = "Interest: about ¼% per month"
      lines(2) = "Vendor: Nuñez Mfg, Grüberstraße"
      Note(New Position(30, 40), Nothing, lines)

      ' Create a TextStyle object representing annotation preferences,
      ' and modify a few things about it (color, font, size)
      Dim blueCambria12 As New NX.TextStyle()
      blueCambria12.Color = System.Drawing.Color.Blue
      blueCambria12.FontName = "Cambria"
      blueCambria12.FontSize = 12

      ' Now use this TextStyle to create three notes
      Note(New Position(30, 20), blueCambria12, "Apple")
      Note(New Position(60, 20), blueCambria12, "Banana")
      Note(New Position(90, 20), blueCambria12, "Cherry")

   End Sub

End Class






Re: PMI notes

Hi @pghatge,

Record a journal to create PMI Note and map the journal to the custom command. After this you will be able to create PMI Note with one click. I have recorded the video for the journal recording and used it to create PMI note in two different parts.

Create a seperate view for the PMI notes as shown in the video. I have used a text file to import the text data for PMI note so that it will give you flexibility to add/remove text data whenever required. You can edit the PMI Note text parameters as per your requirement while recording the journal.


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Re: PMI notes


Thanks for getting back and also for the script. I have little knowledge about programming. I am still working for it. And I do have to set the notes at specific positions. But there are different notes for each part as well. Do I have to put a new note in the program each time? Most of the time the notes apper to be in horizontal directions, is there way I could fix it back on the image I have just attached.


Thanks again.

Re: PMI notes



I have done the recording and have my macros too, but I have different notes for each part Ganesh. This is same problem as my assemblies Smiley Sad

Re: PMI notes

I don't think you can do this without a bit of programming. It's not difficult. Give it a shot.

The recorded journal gives you a start. Now you just have to hack it.


You say that different parts require different notes. There needs to be some logic to this that you can encode in your program. Saying it another way, your code has to be able to decide what text to insert. If it can't, then the whole task is impossible.


Re: PMI notes

I understand that its not possible without programming.Well am still a begginer at VB. But thanks for your encouragment. Appreciate your suggestion.