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Part Family Update

I am attempting to replicate the Assembly Part Family Update functionality (Assemblies -> Components -> Part Family Update) through VB.Net and I have found the the NXOpen.UF.UFAssem.InstanceIntent object in the Visual Studio Object Browser but have yet to find any examples showing how to use it. Does anyone have any suggestions?





Re: Part Family Update

What version of NX?

Re: Part Family Update

Sorry about that. We are using NX

Re: Part Family Update

So, you are looking to update the part family members?


If so, I'm not sure NXOpen.UF.UFAssem.InstanceIntent is what you need. NXOpen.UF.Part.UpdateFamilyInstance seems more appropriate...


If the family members do not exist yet, the .GetPartFamilyManager.EstablishMember method might come in handy.

Re: Part Family Update

It seems confusing but the instances are already created and I am replacing one with another in an assembly. The assembly then needs to be updated to reflect the new component. In an NX assembly this would be done by selecting Assemblies -> Components -> Part Family Update but I am wanting to do this programmatically.


Re: Part Family Update

Have you already tried to record a journal from the manual action?

Recording a journal is the easiest way to get the methods involved to do it programmatically.

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Re: Part Family Update

Yes I tried that first and unfortunately it appears that this function is not recordable. Cat Sad

Re: Part Family Update

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Just a quick response.


I'm not sure if I got the topic.

You try to update a component wich is a family member and has instance intents to a matching member?


You can use


 ref Instance,
 out Status);


 to obtain informations and for an update if you set parameter 2 TRUE.

(see documentation for details)


Attached you will find a static method I use for this.

Unfortunatelly it's commented in german and has a lot of our company specific stuff in it.
But it should give an idea.



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