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Persist Excel between Check-Mate Checks

I'd like to be able to load File from Teamcenter, specifically an Excel file, and have it persist even after changing the work part or rerunning a Check-Mate check.


Currently I have several checks that use an Excel file to hold parameters that the checks use to determine if a part passes. However, when running these checks, they seem to reload the Excel file for each part in the assembly. Naturally as the number of parts grow, running the checks on the assemblies takes longer.


To load/reload, the checks use the ug_excel_open_file and related KF functions.


Re: Persist Excel between Check-Mate Checks

Should also note:


Using NX 10, Teamcenter 10.1.6, and Windows 7.


I was not the original developer of these checks, although I have written some others.

Re: Persist Excel between Check-Mate Checks



I was thinking maybe I could restructure the checks to run at the assembly level, but I don't think that will be a valid test any more because the users are more concerned with the parts as opposed to the components in the assembly.