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Plane to DatumPlane conversion in C#


Hello guys,


can anyone tell me if there is a way to convert a Plane into a DatumPlane? Iam currently trying to make a tool that cuts a body in half by selecting a plane. The problem is that the selected plane is created as Plane and not as DatumPlane. But following code for cutting needs a datum plane and does not accept mit selected plane:


NXOpen.DatumPlane[] faces1 = new NXOpen.DatumPlane[0];
faces1[0] = ebene4_3[0];
NXOpen.FaceDumbRule faceDumbRule1;
faceDumbRule1 = workPart.ScRuleFactory.CreateRuleFaceDatum(faces1);


Does anyone have a tip for me? I get the Error: Conversion from NXOpen.Plane (which ist ebene4_3[0]) to NXOpen.DatumPlane[] is not possible.


Re: Plane to DatumPlane conversion in C#

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

You can use UF_MODL_ask_plane() to get the origin and the normal vector from your existing plane.


Then you can use those as inputs for UF_MODL_create_fixed_dplane().  You'll get a tag, so then you  will need to use NXObjectManager.Get() to get the DatumPlane object from the tag.


These are both wrapped for use in NXOpen.Net, so you can do this in C#.