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Point in 2D -> Create a 3D-Spider (RBE3) out of it


Hi Smiley Happy

I have got a 2D crosssection of an axisymmetric body. In this crosssection, there are points given for the later reduction. I want to create a 3D (revolved) FE body thereof.

Approach #1:

Mesh the cross-section and 2D-Mapped-mesh it -> Revolve 2D mesh -> 3D meshed body

disadvantage: no edges/faces along circumference are created, only the faces from the beginning mesh can be selected

Approach #2:

Revolve the crossection -> split body -> mesh crosssection -> Swept mesh using the 2D crosssection mesh ->3D meshed body


I don't know yet which approach is sufficient or better suited.

Now i want to implement the RBE3 spiders. I am imagining a circumferential curve through the points which have been given in the 2D-crosssection. If the curves aren't on polygon faces, they could be projected onto them. The RBE3 spiders shall connect the midpoint to the nodes related to that imaginary curve along the circumference.


EDIT: In a quick-and-dirty approach I created an intersection curve from the inner face through the point. The created curve is taken to the FE stage. Now I can select the edge for the RBE3 element. Unfortunately, the edge is still not connected to the nearby nodes. =( (see capture.png)


Does somebody know a solution or hints for that? I don't know how and where to start.


I would be really really thankful.


Kind regards,






Re: Point in 2D -> Create a 3D-Spider (RBE3) out of it


My current approach:

1. Create Intersection curves on the tagged faces with planes which have been created with the corresponding tagged points.

2. Use these intersection curves to divide the tagged faces.

3. The results are edges (how can they be tagged automatically?)

4. For the creation of the RBE3 elements in FEM, these polygon edges can be used. How can the tagged midpoints be 1D connected(rbe3) to the generated polygon edges(tags?)


Unfortunately, this seems not to be a solution which can be automated Smiley Sad