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Probe across multiple solutions and subcases




The probe functionality in the postview GUI only works for one subcase at a time. Quite often I want to loop through the subcases (and even solutions) and get output for each of those. Until now, the only way was to use macro's which are not that user friendly. 


I have written some code which allows the user to loop through several subcases (and solutions) for a certain group and get Probe like results.


In attachment there are 2 files:

    This file contains ProbeReporting.dll and ProbeReporting.dlx as well as the source code.

    This file contains ProbeReporting.vb. The main in this file can be edited and then run as a journal from the       GUI. Note that a displayed result is still required before running the journal.


I hope this is of help to people.


I welcome any comment and suggestions and hope one day it will be part of the standard NX functionality. Man Wink