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Problem with UFTabnot text formatting


I have an automated tabular note that works great, except that it displays zero values as a dash, which does not conform to my company's drawing standards. I've tried a variety of options setting the cell_prefs.format to various UFTabnot.Format.(etc) options and still no luck. Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong, or the correct way to go about this?


Thanks in advance.


Re: Problem with UFTabnot text formatting

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

Something like this:


'get the current cell preferences
Dim theCellPrefs As UFTabnot.CellPrefs
theUfSession.Tabnot.AskCellPrefs(cellTag, theCellPrefs)

'change the font preference setting
theCellPrefs.text_font = fntArial
theCellPrefs.zero_display = UFTabnot.ZeroDisplay.ZeroDisplayZero

'apply the new settings to the cell
theUfSession.Tabnot.SetCellPrefs(cellTag, theCellPrefs)