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Query results on slice


I need to query results along a plane/slice -- I'm using a 3D mesh of course -- automatically. I'm using NX Open. 


So far, I've been getting away with generating a grid of points myself and using the AskResultAtLocation method of the ResultAccess object. This works fine for rectangular meshes but starts to fall apart when using complex geometry. 


My initial idea was to leverage the "Cutting Plane" feature. However, it doesn't seem like this affects the Result Access object whatsoever. In other words, I wanted to apply a Cutting Plane with Clip Side = Both and then merely query results for all remaining visible nodes/elements. Did I miss something, or is this not currently possible? 


If possible, I would even be fine with applying the Cutting plane, updating the post view, prompting the user to select 1 node on the remaining visible face and somehow obtaining all nodes on that face. 


I hope this was clear!