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Read MCD-SpeedControl-Parameters during Simulation within NXOpen




i am trying to access (read-only) the velocity property of a speedcontroler from MCD during the simulation.

Like it does when i add the speedcontroller to the runtimeinspector.

I want to do this with an NXOpen Application and printout the values within a textfield. How can i do this?


My current state is as follows:


- Initialize and Startup of the NXOpen Programm with a simple connection to a Windows Form.

- Readout of all available SpeedControllers in the workpart

- Access of an specified speedcontroller of my choice

- creating new physical objects for mcd via code

- reading values from physical objects when the simulation is not running


My current problem:


- which class should i use to create an obsever of the parameter from the specified speedcontroller?


I hope someone can help me.

Kind regards, MMack


2016-06-17 10_15_28-Clipboard.png2016-06-17 10_16_52-NX 10 - Mechatronics Concept Designer - [simulationsmodell.prt (Geändert)    (!).png2016-06-17 10_20_40-myForm.png