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When you make a new project it comes with the ReadMe.txt file. Which contains stuff like

User Exit Environment Variable Entry Point

Open Part USER_RETRIEVE ufget

New Part USER_CREATE ufcre

Save Part USER_FILE ufput

I was wondering are these used in the command prompt window? 

How do you use these?


Re: ReadMe.txt

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Siemens Phenom


The way that these are used:  You set an environment variable using the string in all caps, to point to a custom .dll.  For example, you could define:


set USER_CREATE=C:\path\to\my\myNewPartProgram.dll


Then when NX starts, it takes note of that environment variable, and when you select File -> New, NX will try to load and run your .dll.


You can read about these in the NXOpen documentation for a more detailed description.