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Reading expression comments

Solution Partner Genius Solution Partner Genius
Solution Partner Genius

Hello everyone!


Is it possible to read expression comments? I could find no way to do that.


Re: Reading expression comments

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

Here's one way:

If temp.RightHandSide.Contains("//") Then
    'expression contains comment
    Dim expComment As String = ""
    expComment = temp.RightHandSide.Substring(temp.RightHandSide.IndexOf("//") + 2)
    lw.WriteLine("comment: " & expComment)
End If

Where "temp" is the expression object and "lw" is the listing window object.

Re: Reading expression comments

Solution Partner Genius Solution Partner Genius
Solution Partner Genius

Exactly what I needed! Thank you! You are very helpful, as always.

Re: Reading expression comments


Hiii Cowski1,


I tried to solve one query.


Query : Link Desired NX expressions to WinForm


Background : (These below things are already done before Playing Journal)

1) I have an Assembly with 10 Expressions (Example)

2) Among 10 expressions , I am interested in only 5 expressions.

3) I add comment "Interested" to those 5 expressions by going to Tools->Expressions-> (Expression I'm Interested in) -> Edit Comment -> (Enter the Comment : "Interested")

So I can just get those 5 expressions only in which I am interested. (I dont want to prefere going with Comments - you can suggest any other simple/easy logic to derive REQUIRED expressions among bunch of expressions)


What I want to do :

1) User Play the Journal

2) Journal launches WinForm

3) Journal will go to the all expressions in Tools->Expressions->Comment

5) It will derive only those expressions in which Comment field : Interested is written.

6) Now WinForm shows the Name and Values of those 5 expressions I am interested in, in TextBoxes

5) User selects his required Expressions, Edit the Name/Value in TextBoxes. Hits OKAY

6) Assembly is updated.



This is a conceptual sequence I thought and u can suggest easy steps , loops,logic etc to simplify as I don't know much about programming.

If I can get full example code for above sequences for NX 10, It will be very useful to me.