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Rename part in session

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Solution Partner Experimenter


I have a C program that loads an assembly from disk and then traverses all the parts and rename each one using 'UF_PART_rename'. This is done in memory, and does not save the parts to disk (unlike using UF_PART_save_as). A sort of clone, but without saving any file.

Now, I am trying to make it work under Teamcenter Integration, but the function 'UF_PART_rename' only changes the name property of Item, not the ID.

Any suggestion? (NX Open also welcome)


Re: Rename part in session

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Different customers set up their NX/TC integrations differently, but it is fairly common for the ID to be controlled by TC.   If you go into File Properties for one of these parts - the part, not the component - will it let you modify the DB_PART_NAME value?  I suspect in many cases, that will be locked and unchangeable.  If it is not modifiable that way, then the API will be restricted the same way.