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Replacing a view with another


I have a program that has a chunk of code that sets the WorkView to "Back" but I get this error when replacing the view.


Exception: NXOpen.NXException
Error Code: 925019
Message: View to be replaced is not in layout
TargetSite: Void ReplaceView(NXOpen.ModelingView, NXOpen.ModelingView, Boolean)


Does anybody know what this means?


Re: Replacing a view with another

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

It means that the first argument (the current view to be replaced) is incorrect. The arguments to .ReplaceView are: a view (the old, or current, view), a view (the new view you want to use), and a boolean value that specifies if you want to perform a "fit view" after the view is replaced.


If you are working in a single view layout, you can pass in the current work view as the first argument:



If you are working in a multi-view layout, you'll need to specify a view that is currently in the layout.