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Result probe plot (without solution result file) - NxOpen




We're working on an extension for Simcenter. In our program, we need to make custom plots. (for example to show different buckling plates with colors, or welds). If op2 file exists for a solution then we are able to make a custom plot using ResultProbe and Table field. 

Table field has data which does not depend on results (our custom data), so actually, we don't need to have any result file. But it does not work when file is missing;



We've noticed that plots for boundary conditions work even if the op2 file is not attached:


Does somebody know how to make a plot in post view without analyzing the model / having an op2 file attached?




Re: Result probe plot (without solution result file) - NxOpen

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For properties I found the possibility to set a color: 


Is it possible to define a color for elements in Simcenter?


We are trying to make the plot as this one (from Femap):





Re: Result probe plot (without solution result file) - NxOpen

Currently, Result Probes can only be evaluated if results are present. The request to be able to evaluate Results Probes without need for results is a good one and has been made before. Please log an Enhancement Request with GTAC to have your vote added to the list.

Re: Result probe plot (without solution result file) - NxOpen

Colors cannot be set for individual elements. You can set colors for meshes and mesh collectors, so if you split your meshes appropriately, you can achieve the desired result. You can also automatically set element colors based on Physical Property, Material Property, Mesh Collector, Mesh or element quality check results. See Model Display Preferences, Element, Display, Color Basis.

Re: Result probe plot (without solution result file) - NxOpen

 Thanks, Jim for the explanation. I will look for Enhancement Request and vote (or add a new one).


We will try to split mesh in a way we need. We use these plots in different recognition tools and I'm afraid that it can be slow to do mesh split each time. 


We also are looking to alternative solutions. We can create a solution in code and we think maybe we can generate fake/simple op2 file for the model (can be very time consuming to program creation of op2 file).

Or we can try to run the simplest analysis (maybe on a small portion of the model) to have op2 attached. 


If none of the above works then we have to give a message to the user that the model has to be analyzed for our custom plots.







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Re: Result probe plot (without solution result file) - NxOpen

It is typically easier to write your own results to a universal file. Data from one or more "companion" results files can be combined with the original results entries in the Navigator.


See the following for information on Companion Results: Tongueage=1;rpp=10;query=companion%20res...


Universal file results format is documented here: