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Retrieve the resulting Faces belonging to mesh matings


Hi everybody,


a short description at first: CAE environment. Mesh matings have a selection of two Polygon faces in the FEM file, which are matched and therefore subdivided if needed. After this, the coincident faces are merged, so that only one resulting face is left in the spot of the "glue coincident Mesh Mating Condition" (MMC).


For a tool I am currently developing, I tried to retrieve the above described Faces of some MMCs.


I tried via smart selection manager and for example the show only builder, the following is recorded via journaling:


std::vector<NXOpen::TaggedObject *> objects1(1);
NXOpen::CAE::CAEBody *cAEBody1(dynamic_cast<NXOpen::CAE::CAEBody *>(workFemPart->FindObject("CAE_Body(11)")));
NXOpen::CAE::CAEFace *cAEFace1(dynamic_cast<NXOpen::CAE::CAEFace *>(cAEBody1->FindObject("CAE_Face(69)")));
objects1[0] = cAEFace1;
bool added1;
added1 = showOnlyBuilder1->Selection()->Add(objects1);

unfortunately there is no overloaded method of the smart selection manager's RelatedFaceMethod which accepts mesh matings, as this is possible to select in the NX UI when using show only or create groups.


Also I tried cycling over the MeshControlCollection, which also contains the MMCs.

Here the problem is, that I was not able to retrieve the resulting Face out of a single MMC...


So, are there any suggestions on how to retrieve those faces, maybe with the C API?


Best regards,



Re: Retrieve the resulting Faces belonging to mesh matings


Problem is solved!


I'm leaving my approach here:


Putting MMCs directly into "Show Only" does not only show their symbols, it also shows their related faces.


After that, I was able to get all visible Objects in View with the Open C API and afterwards use smart selection manager's "Related Element Method" on those faces.