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Reusable object questions

I need to create the following features (this is only simple example) as something like reusable object.


I need that my reusable object has following behavior:

  • It has to be one object like UDF
  • It has to be editable after inserting. I mean user has to be able to edit some parameters after adding.


I found out that there are some variants:

  • Reusable object
  • User defined feature

While definition a reusable object I can choose some types:





If I choose Feature, General or Body type, it will be added to my model history as set of features. If I record the journal it is juts ordered features are build step by step. There is nothing related to reusable API.


If I add some reusable examples like Bolt, Nut, etc.. and I record journal then I there are some methods related to reusable API. But this API methods are methods of NXOpen.Tooling class. I think that Tooling is intended for machining tools, bolts, nuts, etc.., but not for what I want.


Moreover I couldn’t find some info what is different between types of Reusable objects (Feature, General, Body, …).


So, my questions are:

  • What is each type of reusable object needed for? Can you give a short example of each type.
  • How can I use my reusable object as one object in the tree? Following the example of Bolt from reusable examples I would like to create something like this, but with effects on model history.
  • Are there any API (Python) for using User Defined Feature?