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Routing functions broken in NX 9

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For the data I'm using, the following lines work under NX 6 but not NX 9.



UF_ROUTE_application_view_t* apv = UF_ROUTE_ask_current_app_view();

int plvtype;

UF_ROUTE_ask_app_view_plib_type(apv, &plvtype);

UF_EPLIB_part_library_view_t* plView;

UF_ROUTE_ask_app_view_plib_view(apv, &plView);


Under NX 9, apv is initialized but plView is NULL.  Under NX 6, plView is alive and well (we use it to do a bunch of stuff, without problems).


None of the above functions are marked "deprecated" in NX 9.

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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Routing functions broken in NX 9


I found a PR that reported a problem with UF_ROUTE_ask_app_view_plib_view() in NX8.5.  Development reported that:


"The UF_ROUTE_ask_app_view_plib_view function was obsoleted in NX8.0 with the enhancements for the Reuse Library. Users should use the Routing::ReuseLibrary APIs."


But it does seem odd that it will compile without a warning or error.  Please report this to GTAC so that we can re-open the PR and pursue a more thorough solution.





Re: Routing functions broken in NX 9

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