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ScCollector::GetRules crashes in NX10

Hello all,


I am trying to retrieve the selected body features from a Body Measurement feature. I have access to the collector, but as soon as I call the GetRules() method from my instantiated ScCollector object, an exception is thrown with the error message Can not find object builder for class BodyFeatureRule. This method is working in NX9.


Has anyone else come across this issue? If so, is there a workaround available? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Marc Prosl
NX Software Developer

Re: ScCollector::GetRules crashes in NX10




Please log an IR with GTAC so that we can investigate thoroughly.  It will expedite the process if you can provide a small journal and if required, a part, that will allow us to see it work in NX9 and fail in NX10.