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Select planes out of cartesian coordinate system


Hey guys,


Ive created an offset CSYS and Iam currently trying to look up how to select the planes which are created with the CSYS.


My CSYS is being created automatically at the center of mass. The next step is to cut the body at the planes which are created by the new CSYS.


Problem is: I cannot find a way to select those planes except by using "Findobject", but findobject cant be used universally. Could anyone help?


Re: Select planes out of cartesian coordinate system

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

By "planes of the csys", do you mean that you have created a datum csys feature and now want to access the individual datum planes of the datum csys?


If so, there are some good examples in the GTAC solution center.

VB version:


C# version:

Re: Select planes out of cartesian coordinate system


That wasnt exactly what I meant. So Ive made a offset CSYS automatically with a script according to the center of mass, right.


With the new CSYS you get three new planes: "XY Plane of CSYS (2)" for example. The question now is if there is a method to get the created objects (the planes) by the CSYS.


Do you know what I mean?

Re: Select planes out of cartesian coordinate system

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Are you creating a real datum CSYS or just a Cartesian coordinate system?

If you create a real datum CSYS, then the examples posted above will contain the code fragments to get the datum planes contained in the datum CSYS.

You need to have the datum CSYS feature to make this work, the Cartesian CSYS will not work for these examples.

If you have a regular CSYS, then you need to create the datum planes based on the directions property of the CSYS.

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