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Selecting components


Is there a way to select all visible parts and components programmatically without going through the actually class selection dialog?


Re: Selecting components

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

Probably, but can you clarify what you mean by "all visible parts and components"? If I open an assembly, there is only one visible part (the assembly); everything else is a component.

Re: Selecting components

When you bring up the class selection dialog, you can filter by setting which layers can be selected.
You can then press the select all button and it will grab everything on those specific layers and highlight them.
Is there a way to tell UG to do that programmatically?
Because when I journal it, it just says
//class selection dialog begin//
//class selection dialog end//
And that's it

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Re: Selecting components

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Honored Contributor

.GetAllObjectsOnLayer() will return all the objects on a specified layer.


.AskVisibleObjects() will return the visible objects in a given view.


Alternately, you could cycle through the objects of interest checking the layer and visibility of each. So, if you are interested in only the visible bodies on layer 5, you might do something like:


for each tempBody as Body in workpart.Bodies
    if (tempBody.Layer = 5) AndAlso (Not tempBody.IsBlanked) then
        'add this body to your list
        'don't need this one
    end if