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Selectionfilter for FE Element Edge

Hi all,


I am trying to configure a Selection::MaskTriple for the selection of FE Element edges in NX10, using C++.


I already found the selection filter types for:

UF_pseudo_CAE_subtype   (1)
UF_pseudo_CAE_node      (1)
UF_pseudo_CAE_element   (2)

and used it as follows:

vector<Selection::MaskTriple> selection_Mask_Array(1);
Selection::MaskTriple selection_Mask;
selection_Mask.Type = UF_pseudo_object_type;
selection_Mask.Subtype = UF_pseudo_CAE_subtype;
selection_Mask.SolidBodySubtype = UF_pseudo_CAE_element;
selection_Mask_Array[0] = selection_Mask;

For a new routine, I need my users to select an element edge, unnfortunately in "uf_ui_types.h" there is nothing like "CAE_element_edge".


I guess that it has to be possible, as there is a Selectionfilter in NX UI, when you use the smart selection manager's "Feature Edge Nodes"-method:screenshot.jpg



Hopefully someone knows what's to specify in the MaskTriple in code.


Best regards,




Accepted by topic author MGeyer
‎02-11-2017 12:37 PM

Re: Selectionfilter for FE Element Edge

NX 10 only contains subtypes for nodes and elements. Subtypes for element edges and faces were added in NX 11:


#define UF_pseudo_CAE_subtype   (1)
#define UF_pseudo_CAE_node      (1) /* first CAE detail type */
#define UF_pseudo_CAE_element   (2) /* second CAE detail type */
#define UF_pseudo_CAE_elemface  (3) /* third CAE detail type */
#define UF_pseudo_CAE_elemedge  (4) /* fourth CAE detail type */