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Selectionfilter for FE Element Edge

Solution Partner Genius Solution Partner Genius
Solution Partner Genius

Hi all,


I am trying to configure a Selection::MaskTriple for the selection of FE Element edges in NX10, using C++.


I already found the selection filter types for:

UF_pseudo_CAE_subtype   (1)
UF_pseudo_CAE_node      (1)
UF_pseudo_CAE_element   (2)

and used it as follows:

vector<Selection::MaskTriple> selection_Mask_Array(1);
Selection::MaskTriple selection_Mask;
selection_Mask.Type = UF_pseudo_object_type;
selection_Mask.Subtype = UF_pseudo_CAE_subtype;
selection_Mask.SolidBodySubtype = UF_pseudo_CAE_element;
selection_Mask_Array[0] = selection_Mask;

For a new routine, I need my users to select an element edge, unnfortunately in "uf_ui_types.h" there is nothing like "CAE_element_edge".


I guess that it has to be possible, as there is a Selectionfilter in NX UI, when you use the smart selection manager's "Feature Edge Nodes"-method:screenshot.jpg



Hopefully someone knows what's to specify in the MaskTriple in code.


Best regards,





Re: Selectionfilter for FE Element Edge

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

NX 10 only contains subtypes for nodes and elements. Subtypes for element edges and faces were added in NX 11:


#define UF_pseudo_CAE_subtype   (1)
#define UF_pseudo_CAE_node      (1) /* first CAE detail type */
#define UF_pseudo_CAE_element   (2) /* second CAE detail type */
#define UF_pseudo_CAE_elemface  (3) /* third CAE detail type */
#define UF_pseudo_CAE_elemedge  (4) /* fourth CAE detail type */