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Set User Attribute Method



during a program that i writing with c# (for NX 9) i am using the SetUserAttribute to insert Attribute to an object from type NXOpen.Point. while i am debug the program i can see that i get a NXObject.AttributeInformation (i tried to use GetUserAttribute after i using SetUserAttribute so i can get feedback while debug) that equel to the attribute value that i insert.


but when i close the program and open it again (the NXOpen.Point are still exist) i can see in the NX that the points properties do not have attributes and when i try to get the attribute (in the same way i tried before) i do not get any value (i get error because i tring to get attribute that do not exist).


do i need to do more actions to update my attribute when i set them? why it the attributes do not saved on the point?


here is the way i use the function:


NXOpen.Point = new NXOpen.Point(1.0, 1.0, 1.0)

point.SetUserAttribute("I Value", -1, -0.6, Update.Option.Now);

point.SetUserAttribute("J Value", -1, 0.41, Update.Option.Now);

point.SetUserAttribute("K Value", -1, 1.5, Update.Option.Now);


and this is the way i try to get the values after i open and close my program:


NXObject.AttributeInformation IJKValue;

IJKValue = point.GetUserAttribute("I Value", NXObject.AttributeType.Real, -1)

IJKValue = point.GetUserAttribute("J Value", NXObject.AttributeType.Real, -1)

IJKValue = point.GetUserAttribute("K Value", NXObject.AttributeType.Real, -1)


I appreciate any help,



Re: Set User Attribute Method

Did you save the file before closing it?

Re: Set User Attribute Method

I did not closed the part, i used the getUserAttribute in a different section in my program.


but i solved the problem! i use the setUserAttribute right after i create the point (earlier
 i set the attribute after i cast the points to NXObject and then cast them back to NXOpen.Point) i still do not know why it is not worked before and if i will found out i will post the reason.


Thanks for the help,


Re: Set User Attribute Method

I think you mixed something up here.

NXOpen.Point point = new NXOpen.Point(1.0, 1.0, 1.0);
point.SetUserAttribute("I Value", -1, -0.6, Update.Option.Now);
point.SetUserAttribute("J Value", -1, 0.41, Update.Option.Now);
point.SetUserAttribute("K Value", -1, 1.5, Update.Option.Now);

The variable "point" was missing.

Double IValue = point.GetUserAttribute("I Value", NXObject.AttributeType.Real, -1);
Double JValue = point.GetUserAttribute("J Value", NXObject.AttributeType.Real, -1);
Double KValue = point.GetUserAttribute("K Value", NXObject.AttributeType.Real, -1);

The IJK values are of type double and not an attribute information.

You should have got an exception or your IDE should have barked on you.

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