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Set multiple sheets with NXOpen.PrintBuilder


Hello professionals,


i try to invoke a print job with the NXOpen.PrintBuilder. For this case, we have to set all existing sheets, included in the .prt file. For this task we use NxOpen.PlotSourceBuilder.SetSheets(DrawingSheetCollection[]). The passed Collection for this function was evaluated with session.Parts.Work.DrawingSheets.ToArray().



No matter how many sheets are in the SheetCollection, which was passed to the SetSheet function on the SourceBuilder, only the last sheet in the Collection is printed out, after the NXOpen.PrintBuilder.Commit() method was performed. But we need ALL sheets in one print job to give our Amyuni PDF Converter the possibility to print all sheets in one PDF/A file. While debugging the DrawingSheetCollection seems to be set correctly on the SourceBuilder.


I build up a little CodeSnipped pdf which includes most of the NX specific part of our NXOpen assembly, developed in C#.


thank you for your help


best regards


Christian S.



Re: Set multiple sheets with NXOpen.PrintBuilder

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

The NXOpen API can output to PDF directly through its PrintPDFBuilder object. If all you want is PDF output, I'd suggest giving it a try.

Re: Set multiple sheets with NXOpen.PrintBuilder


Many thanks for your reply! We played also with this idea in the early beginning of the project. But it is important to convert the nativ drawings directly to the archiving file type PDF/A. This is important to be sure the file contains the identical information AND formatting of the original drawings. This has leagal reasons for the company i'm working for this project. So if i choose the way to convert the nativ files into a PDF and than to PDF/A, i potenially lost information that will be missing in the gernerated PDF/A file, thats normaly embedded in the PDF's structure, defined in the the archiving (PDF/A) standart of adobe.

So unfortunately the PrintPDFBuilder can not be used for our task...


Any further ideas for this issue?


Many thanks!