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Setlist BlockUI update




I added a column to my setlist in the BlockUI styler but it doesn't show it when I open my program afterwards.
So I originaly got 3 columns, where I could see the headers from, but the afterwards added column doesn't show.

When I open the BlockUI styler again, it does show the headers (so just not visible when running my program).
Is there anything I need to update in my code for this to work for a setlist, because all other changed are updated just by saving the BlockUI dlx.

(Code is in VB.NET)


Thanks in advance,



Re: Setlist BlockUI update

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Are you sure the program is opening the .DLX that has been "edited"?

Search your syslog (NX log file), I believe NX reports the full path of the DLX it opens.

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Re: Setlist BlockUI update

I checked it's the right dlx.
I messed with some other options of the set list and now the 4 columns with headers are visible, but the width isn't correct.
The width for all columns is minimal although is set a default value for it, as well values for each column individually.