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Setlist BlockUI update




I added a column to my setlist in the BlockUI styler but it doesn't show it when I open my program afterwards.
So I originaly got 3 columns, where I could see the headers from, but the afterwards added column doesn't show.

When I open the BlockUI styler again, it does show the headers (so just not visible when running my program).
Is there anything I need to update in my code for this to work for a setlist, because all other changed are updated just by saving the BlockUI dlx.

(Code is in VB.NET)


Thanks in advance,



Re: Setlist BlockUI update

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Are you sure the program is opening the .DLX that has been "edited"?

Search your syslog (NX log file), I believe NX reports the full path of the DLX it opens.

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Re: Setlist BlockUI update

I checked it's the right dlx.
I messed with some other options of the set list and now the 4 columns with headers are visible, but the width isn't correct.
The width for all columns is minimal although is set a default value for it, as well values for each column individually.