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Setting New Row Height Failure

I am trying to add a new row to a tabular note. The issue I can't figure out is how to set the row height. No matter what value I give to the method it always returns a row height of .240 inches.


I am using the height to the first row as the height reference.


Any help would appreciated here.


                ' get TAG for the first row
                Dim firstRowTag As Tag
                theUFSession.Tabnot.AskNthRow(myTableTag, 0, firstRowTag)

                ' get First Row Height
                Dim firstRowHeight As Double = Nothing
                'theUFSession.Tabnot.AskRowHeight(firstRowTag, firstRowHeight)

                '   Create a new Row
                Dim newRowTag As Tag
                theUFSession.Tabnot.CreateRow(firstRowHeight, newRowTag)

                '   Add the new row to the table
                theUFSession.Tabnot.AddRow(myTableTag, newRowTag, UFConstants.UF_TABNOT_APPEND)

Re: Setting New Row Height Failure

The call to ask the row height is commented out, so the value remains as set, to nothing.


What happens if you uncomment the AskRowHeight line?


Re: Setting New Row Height Failure

That is an error from from what I pasted. The program actually has it uncommented. I was trying different values to see if it mattered what size I was using but found it didn't matter.


Re: Setting New Row Height Failure

Can you change the row height interactively in NX?


This maybe related to the cells Fit Method "Auto Size Row" (cell settings)

Accepted by topic author Metrican
‎04-22-2016 02:31 PM

Re: Setting New Row Height Failure

That seems to have been the issue. Once I unchecked Auto Size Row option the new row added into the table at the correct height.




Re: Setting New Row Height Failure


Glad that you solved it!  I had just stumbled on this note in the docs:


Note: Fit methods auto size row and auto size text must be disabled
in order for the row height to be reflected on the row.