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Shifting point along CSYS axis

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Hello everyone!


How to obtain coordinates of a point shifted along axis of a given Datum CSYS? For example, of a point with coordinates 0,0,0 shifted along the Z-axis at a distance of 100. Obviously it would be 0,0,100 but what is the program method? Datum CSYS can be oriented at random angles so simply adding values won't work. I suspect that I should somehow use matrix transformation + csys methods, but I couldn't work it out. Can you please help?


Re: Shifting point along CSYS axis


A wrapper method exist for csys to csys.


Public Sub CsysToCsys (
from_origin As Double(),
from_x_axis As Double(),
from_y_axis As Double(),
to_origin As Double(),
to_x_axis As Double(),
to_y_axis As Double(),
mtx As Double())


Frank Swinkels

Re: Shifting point along CSYS axis



I am not sure. To obtain the coordinates of DatumCsys, you can use features.Location property if the featuretype is DatumCsys. To edit/move the DatumCsys coordinates, use CreateXform method.