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Side control of a point per line, spline etc.


I have a general problem when automating a part. For example, imagine a horizontal line, the code includes vertical distance values of a set of points about that line. Eventhough the distance values are positive, Nx locates some of the points below the horizontal line. Sometimes it happens when using splines instead of horizontal line. There should be a side control option which you can always put those points above or below reference line or spline. 




Re: Side control of a point per line, spline etc.

How are you defining the points?

Can you show us some code that gives you points in the "wrong" place?


Re: Side control of a point per line, spline etc.

The image shows how the situation occurs. The height parameter is positive but sometimes it puts the point below the line even it has still positive value. 

Additional informations:

-The ref line in the image is the projection of a sketch line. 

-The situation happens also when using a ref spline and it has a point on the curve. There is a line on that point and perpendicular to spline. The height of line is controlled by a dimension. Even the dimension always positive, the end point of line sometimes moves above the spline and sometimes moves below the spline as the dim changed.

Re: Side control of a point per line, spline etc.

It looks like you're controlling the point location by using an expression that produces a dimension value.


The problem is that dimensions simply express *distances*, and distances are not signed.


So, suppose I have a horizontal line L with equation y = a. Then I define a point P = (x,y), and I define a constraint that says distance(P,L) = b. The points (x, a+b) and (x,a-b) both satisfy this constraint, and you haven't provided any information to indicate which one you want. 


If the line is horizontal, you might argue that the point should be "above" the line when b is positive. But when the line is angled, there is no reasonable definition of "above".


So, I think you need some alternative method of locating your point. 


Re: Side control of a point per line, spline etc.

The situation is aggravated when working with spline used as ref line. For a solution, instead of a point, there may be a vertical line to ref line. If there is an option of Nx that allows you to define that line as if it is a vector, I mean the length of the line and the direction definition are permitted then, problem may be solved by this way.