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Single Program in Different NX Versions


Long story short: We have a program that runs separately in NX 9 or NX 12. Each are their own separate executables, developed and managed in their own project files.


I wanted to create a single point of entry - it's run from within NX, determines the version (either based off title or Session.GetEnvironmentVariableValue) then splits into their respective version.


The NXOpen.dll, either from the 9.0 path or the 12.0 path, must be referenced to access the session variable. Since they both have the same names, they both can't be used in the same project. If 9 is referenced, it splits into 9 just fine. If 12 is reference, it splits into 12 just fine.


Am I missing something, or is the prospect of having a single point of entry that splits into different versions not possible?