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Suppressing Listing WIndow

Is there any way to keep the listing window from popping up when you run Certain methods.

For instance the UFClone.perfomClone automatically pops open the listing window. I would like to keep that from happening.

Please and thank you.


Re: Suppressing Listing WIndow

In the past I've had to contact GTAC about this.
I can't recall the exact function I had problems with, something in CAM I think. I opened a PR and in the end and it got fixed so no more listing window for that function.
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Re: Suppressing Listing WIndow

Until the developers change the function to suppress the listing window, you can use the listing window's .CloseWindow method. The user may notice a quick flash as the window is opened then immediately closed, but it may be better than leaving the window open.

Re: Suppressing Listing WIndow

You can try redirecting the output so that the list window does not appear in the first place. Use ListingWindow.SelectDevice() and set DeviceType to ListingWindow.DeviceType.None

Re: Suppressing Listing WIndow

I got a sense of deja vu from this thread, now I know why. Someone had the same question about 18 months ago:


According to the OP in the other thread, setting the listing window output to null did not have the desired effect.