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Tell which operations connect to a surface?

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Hello everyone,


I'm into application development using C++ .

I'm new in NXOpen and I hope that you will be able to help me with my question:


Is there a way to tell which operations are linked to each surface (NX CAM)?





Re: Tell which operations connect to a surface?

Hi TalZamir!


Would you please tell us more details about what 'operations' you are talking about.


- If you are just working in CAD an operation can e.g. be some extending/trimming, etc..


- In an CAM-Environment an operation is connected to a tool, a geometry and gives you

a toolpath, etc..


Thanks in advance!





Re: Tell which operations connect to a surface?

Hi FlolScreen,
Thank you for your response.


I'm intending to NX CAM, sorry for not mention it.


I'll simplify my question with an example:

I have a prt file.

Those are some operations that was defined manually:


Lets say that the first two operations (EXMP_A, EXMP_B) are related to the selected surface below.



Is there a way to tell what are the operations that related to each surface?


Thank you,


Re: Tell which operations connect to a surface?

Generally it is possible to check if a face is used by an operation.

There is no relation created, so you would have to cycle through the operations and check each of their geometry objects for the face in question.


How would you do it manually, that is the way you might want to start with and afterwards optimize the process, by only collecting the face information from the operations once, for example.

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Re: Tell which operations connect to a surface?



I managed to get the collections of the operations and the CAM features

From a CAM feature I'm able to reach to the faces.

Is there a way to connect between the feature/faces to the matching operations?