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Titleblock - delete systemlocked cells

Siemens Pioneer Siemens Pioneer
Siemens Pioneer

Hi everybody -


I'm programming a journal (nx8.5) , that can delete the value of a locked cell in the titleblock in our drawing parts. Until now I have figured out , to deselect "the part" of the titleblock, that contains the locked cell , ("the part" = standalone tabular-note). After that its easy to delete the value in the cell - and afterwards append the tabular-note again, to the titleblock....

Everything is working OK.


But if I need a more "clean" solution , it should be possible to delete the cell-value at once.

Maybee someone here on the board ,have succeded in deleting a locked cell's value directly, without temporary split the titleblock ? if so - I'll be glad, if I can get some further info.


(as far as I can see - the syntax  "CreateEditTitleBlockBuilder" only allow editing af unlocked cells.....)


regards Lars