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To get the information from opened drawing file in NX 7.5 using C++



Can you please help me with this :

How to get the information about number of sheets  ,present assemblies and parts in the opened drawing file of NX 7.5 using C++ ? 

Also to write this information onto Excel Sheet using C++? 


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Re: To get the information from opened drawing file in NX 7.5 using C++

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

For all these issues you are posting about, there are a few places to look to find example code


1) Record a journal.  Note thru preference -> User interface you can set what language you want to record in (note NOT all languages can be played back)  Note that not all functionality is "journal-enabled".  And just because something is not journal enabled doesn't mean it can't be automated.


2) Look in the Siemens solutions database

After starting your search (e.g. "create block" you can filter on the "nx_api" document type to filter to JUST api examples provided by GTAC)


3) look in the samples folder in your installation tree



4) There are also other sites that may have some content:


5) If you install documentation, note that the API docs MAY be a separate install (depends on exactly which NX version you're interested in)


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