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Trimming Body Removes Attributes on face - NX7.5

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I am seeing an unpredictable behaviour when trimming symmetrical bodies. Here is a work flow.


1. Wave Link Body in assembly.

2. Observe a certain Trimmed Cylindrical face has attributes.

3. Trim body along z plane.

4. New logcial face after trim is a Cylindrical Face. Observe new face has lost the attribute.

5. Edit the trim and reverse the plane.

6. Observe new spiral face has the attribute.


Is there a clear way, NX can guarantee that post trim, a face, that appears to have been logically trimmed, will preserve it's attributes?


If not, is there any way to determine, this new Cylindrical face is somehow clearly related to the old Trimmed Cylindrical Face?


Re: Trimming Body Removes Attributes on face - NX7.5

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Create a cylinder 45 to 315 degrees. (run journal 1)


Tag the outer face of the cylinder.(tag.png)


Now run journal2 to split the cylinder into 2. Verify the attributes on the 2 new faces.


Check check1 and check2







Re: Trimming Body Removes Attributes on face - NX7.5

1) I would try to replicate behavior in NX10 - if it doesn't replicate, then Siemens "fixed" the issue.


2) I would **guess** that NX first splits the body, then deletes the half you don't want.  In the split operation, one surface becomes 2, and one of the 2 surfaces is "new" (different tag) and the other is still the "old" one (same tag).  As one is "new", it doesn't inhertit attributes from the "parent" surface.  Depending on trim direction, you either get the "new" or the "old" face.


3) Have you tried "split body", retaining both halves?  See if attributes stick to one (but not the other) resultant face.




Ken Akerboom Sr CAx Systems Engr, Moog, Inc.
Production: NX10.0.3.5 MP5 + patch/TC11.2
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Re: Trimming Body Removes Attributes on face - NX7.5

Hi Ken_A


To answer your questions

1. The result is same on NX10.

2. This appears to be random. I think the geometry kernel decided which face is the last original face.

3. Split body behaves the same as this.

Accepted by topic author Mukund
‎03-21-2016 11:18 AM

Re: Trimming Body Removes Attributes on face - NX7.5

It appears the call UF_MODL_ask_split_faces works for split as well as trim operations.


If a face still exists, it may be able to tell what faces it got split as.


you will need to check if the source tag status is alive or not before making the query.