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UDOP. Where to save operation parameters?

Does there exist a "standard" place for keeping UDOP user parameters?

At the moment I'm trying User Attributes. It's working, but i don't like one thing: those attributes are accessible from the operation "properties" dialog, from the outside of the operation itself. Is there a way of making "my" attributes, those that represent operation user parameters, invisible in  "properties" dialog?

Or, possibly, there is a better way of doing it.


Re: UDOP. Where to save operation parameters?

I guess UDO (User Defined Object) is what you are looking for.

This is not easy topic and what's more, it is almost not documented at all how to use it with UDOP or CAM objects in general...

Marek Pawlus, NCmatic

Production: NX 11.0.1
Development: C#, Tcl/Tk, CSE

Re: UDOP. Where to save operation parameters?



Yes, In my own MillUser operations, I save the values of the User interface in UDO, this UDOs are associated with the operation. (MCS, Double, integer, point...)


I dont know if this is the best way, but for my case is enough Smiley Happy


Best regards,

Re: UDOP. Where to save operation parameters?

Hello Cristian,


Can we link UDO to the OOTB CAM operations? 


For example, I have an API that asks the users to selection certain geometry and then populates the OOTB planar milling. So the final result would be attaching a new planar milling operation on the CAM tree. 


My application will work well if the user selects the everything right the first time. But if the user wants to edit the result and when they double-click on the planar milling operation, the OOTB planar milling operation UI will pop up instead of my UI. So they wouldn't be able to track back what they have selected previously.


Thanks in advance.



Re: UDOP. Where to save operation parameters?

Hello Steph,


I think so. You can save the UDO in the OOTB operation and when you reopen the operation you can change the values automatically.


theUDO = theSession.Parts.Work.UserDefinedObjectManager.CreateUserDefinedObject (theUdoClass);

UserDefinedObject.LinkDefinition[] links = new UserDefinedObject.LinkDefinition[1];

links [0] = new UserDefinedObject.LinkDefinition (my_milling, UserDefinedObject.LinkStatus.UpToDate);

theUDO.SetLinks (UserDefinedObject.LinkType.Owning, links);


Good luck!


Best regards,