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Can somebody please explain how "UFSession.So.CreateXformAssyCtxt" works?


I can get it to work sometimes but other times it fails, and the to_part and from_part are confusing. Is there any clear and concise explanation?


Re: UFSession.So.CreateXformAssyCtxt

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom


When using the wrapped UF calls, the documentation is in the Open C Reference, rather than in the .Net guide:

UF_SO_create_xform_assy_ctxt (view source)

Defined in: uf_so.h
Create an assy_context smart transform, encapsulating the transform to go
from one part occurrence in an assembly tree to another. Either
from_part_occ or to_part_occ can be NULL_TAG, indicating that the
transform goes to or from the root part occ of the specified part. If
they are both non-NULL, they must be in the same part.
If from_part_occ and to_part_occ are the same, including if they are
both NULL_TAG, then no assy_context_xform is created, and
NULL_TAG is returned in the relevant argument.
If to_part_occ is not NULL_TAG, its prototype part has to be the part
that contains object_in_part.
Internal and External
Original release was in V14.0.
Required License(s)


int UF_SO_create_xform_assy_ctxt
const tag_t object_in_part,
const tag_t from_part_occ,
const tag_t to_part_occ,
tag_p_t xform
const tag_t object_in_part Input Tag of object in part
const tag_t from_part_occ Input Beginning position for transform
const tag_t to_part_occ Input End position for transform
tag_p_t xform Output Pointer to tag of transform