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UFWeight > EstabPartProps versus EstabPartProps1

Hi -

I've taken over a journal sourcecode VB.NET , that I have to make some change in.

(Sourcecode is prepared/designed to calculate assembly weight in a drawingpart.)

Part of the change is that I have to make the code able to could handle asserted weight in properties.

Excisting code use EstabPartProps in the UFWeight class. But it seems to be a problem when a NX part has asserted weight in properties. The EstabPartProps() is put in a Try / Catch condition, but jump to Exceptions , when just one part in assembly have asserted weight.

The EstabPartProps method requires ADVANCED ASSEMBLIES license....But we also have some of them....


Now I found out that EstabPartProps1 can handle asserted weights in parts - and sourcecode run perfect in my test - also on assemblies containing parts ,with asserted weigt properties.

In addition to this > EstabPartProps1 does not require ADVANCED ASSEMBLIES license.

And EstabPartProps1 is specially "designed" for use in VB.NET application's - I've reading this in .NET API Reference.

Above is just for info  - But I have one question :

Can it be true ,that EstabPartProps1 doesn't requires ADVANCED ASSEMBLIES license ?As I see - EstabPartProps1 can do excatly the same as EstabPartProps...and maybe a little bit more....

Or maybe I have missed something...?






Re: UFWeight > EstabPartProps versus EstabPartProps1

Hi all -

Happy New Year to all of you....


Any comments to my previous post , regarding ADVANCED ASSEMBLIES license -

and EstabPartProps  versus  EstabPartProps1 ?



Re: UFWeight > EstabPartProps versus EstabPartProps1



To tell for sure if NX needs the license, set this environment variable temporarily:




Then start a fresh session of NX.  Load your part, run your program.  Look at the syslog.  Find the place where you started your program, and look at all of the licenses that are checked out.






Re: UFWeight > EstabPartProps versus EstabPartProps1

Hi Steve -


Thank you so much for your reply.


I really didnt't know, that this variable excist.

I tried it out , and found out that also EstabPartProps1 requires adv_assembly licens.


I will create a call to Gtac , and ask them, if they will change the NXOpen Net API reference.


regards Lars




Re: UFWeight > EstabPartProps versus EstabPartProps1




I'm glad that helped.  Please note that we do not recommend leaving that variable set all the time, because it will make your syslogs bigger.  But when you need to do a license test, it is a good tool to have.