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We are using the NXcustom setup, for NX11.  Works great for everyone, but one user is not getting the proper File, New tabs.  This user was also getting a pop-up regarding the Star CCM+ integration, which means Star was installed before NX, so NX created the UGII_CUSTOM_DIRECTORY_FILE variable, pointing at the Star/NX integration custom_dirs.dat location.  Every other time, deleting this env variable took care of both issues.


Yesterday we removed the env variable, and all was fine.  Today the condition is back, but the variable is not listed on the machine's system variables, but I see it set to that same locaiton when I look at his NX log file.


I'm confused as to where this env variable is being pulled?  Thoughts?

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Re: UGII_CUSTOM_DIRECTORY_FILE issue with 1 user

I would start tracking thru the .BAT files used to start NX

You might want to search the registry & see if UGII_CUSTOM_DIRECTORY_FILE shows up.

Also check the UGII_ENV.DAT file

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