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UI Blockstyler Face Selection


Hi there,


Ive worked before with BodySelection and FeatureSelection in my source code. But right now I just want to extract a selected frace from a FaceCollector in a UI Blockstyler. So normally I would use:


NXOpen.BlockStyler.PropertyList koerper = GetBlockProperties("face_ss");
TaggedObject[] koerper_2 =koerper.GetTaggedObjectVector("SelectedObjects");
NXOpen.Body[] koerper_3 = new NXOpen.Body[koerper_2.Length];
koerper_3[0] = (NXOpen.Body)(koerper_2[0]);

This code would get me all selected Bodys out of a BodyCollector.


When I try the same with a FaceCollector I get following error:


"NXOpen.NXException: The Property could not be found at NXOpen.BlockStyler.GetBlockProperties(String blockName) and so on..."


So is there a special way to get selected faces out of the UI Blockstyler?


Thanks in advance.


Re: UI Blockstyler Face Selection


Why not use the GetSelectedObjects() method?:

TaggedObject[] koerper_2 = koerper.GetSelectedOjects();
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Re: UI Blockstyler Face Selection


Ive found the error. Actually its caused: When you are using one of my features which I have programmed twice it will get the error.


It seems like something isnt unloading properly. Any idea how I can check that?