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Usage of Block UI Styler's "Specify Vector" in CAE

Hi all,


currently I am using a "Specify Vector" Block in NX8.0 to be able to infer a vector from geometry.


As I noticed, the selection of Polygon Geometry (Faces or Edges) does not lead to the UI blocks infer mechanism and therewith retrieving a vector direction.


The documentation says to turn on "EnableFacetSelection", but this does not help, from the selected polygon geometry no vector is inferred.


Currently only the selection of FE-Nodes is possible, e.g. vector with two points.


Is there anything I am missing here for successful polygon geometry selection?


Best regards,


Accepted by topic author MGeyer
‎10-28-2015 09:26 AM

Re: Usage of Block UI Styler's "Specify Vector" in CAE


This was addressed in Problem Report 6887499:

Problem Description:  Cannot select Polygon Edges or Polygon Faces with a BlockStyler Specify Vector block when in a SIM part.  The same process in a FEM part works fine.


It was reported in NX8, and is reported to be resolved in NX8.5.3.

Re: Usage of Block UI Styler's "Specify Vector" in CAE

Hi SteveLabout,


thank you very much for your answer.


So I guess I'll have to use vector between two points as workaround until my customer does his upgrad to NX10.


Best regards,