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User Defined Feature (UDF) vs UDO

What is the difference between a User Defined Feature (UDF) and udo


Re: User Defined Feature (UDF) vs UDO

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Esteemed Contributor

A UDF requires no knowledge of API code, so can be done by anyone (note there may be some setup required for NX to find the UDFs you define)


A UDO (patricularly a UDO "feature") requires API programming, but can have a richer range of behaviors.


Note NX 11 introduces a new (API only) way of defining custom features as well (but all I know about it is that it has been mentioned here in the community site)

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Re: User Defined Feature (UDF) vs UDO

Thank you.


But i have one query. Is "UDO feature" and "custom features of NX 11" same??