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User Defined Ply Failure Theory not available in NASTRAN





in order to create my own user defined failure theory (UDFT) for the nx laminate modeler I just wanted to try  the TsaiWu example theory that comes with the NX11 installation and use it for simple analysis of some shell laminate with NX Nastran. I followed the instructions in the NX11 documentation and here in the community to create the .dll from the .cpp in Visual Studio 2015 which states that " you can process the ply stress or strain tensor from any NX-supported solver like NX Nastran, MSC.Nastran, Ansys, Abaqus, LS-Dyna and Samcef" with the UDFT.

There seems so be no problem with the xml and the theory's dll since I can select the respective theory in the laminate modeler.


The problem is that there is no evalution for the failure theory in the solution and in the information window shows during the solving process "Selcted ply failure theory is not available in NASTRAN. See definition of laminate Laminate1." This occurs with the precompiled TsaiWu.dll that comes with NX11 as well as with the unaltered TsaiWu.cpp that I compiled to .dll (and so should be relatively similar) but not with the integrated TsaiWu theory of NX.


What might be the reason for this?


Help is highly appreciated!