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User defined Object Edit Events in NXOpen Programming NX11




I have started to work with UDOs with NX11 and to control the edit events of the UDO object. But when user double clicks the UDO Feature from part navigator to edit, I am able to Popup my dialoguebox with every details popedUP but after changing the parameters the program is supposed to create new model geometry and delete the old geometry. So I am left with two option either i can change the UDO links to the new created model or i can delete the UDO and create a new UDO and new links with the newly created model geometry.


But, in both the cases i am getting error as

1. If I want to delete the UDO getting edited after created new UDO linked to new model Geometry, NX doesnot allow to delete the UDO which was double clicked for editing.

2. If I try to relink the UDO with the new generated model then NX doesn't allow me to relink the UDO saying UDO Feature is getting edited and so its links couldnot be modified.


Please, Suggest a way to Edit the UDO Feature in this case.  I am stucked in this bug for a long time. I tried multi-threading to keep on checking when edit event is ending so as to delete the old UDO feature after edit event ends but still that didn't worked fine. i was unable to update the model after delete by code. User was supposed to update it manually then old UDO was getting deleted.