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User pref files

So my recent discussion about the user.mtx file, etc, had me looking at the files saved along with it.


Why both a history.pax and a history_ugmgr.pax?   I thought it was native vs. managed history, but the files look different.


I also saw some strange files, which looked to be versions of the nx_mru.txt.  Are these from crashed sessions?


Old nx_mru_txt.jpg

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Accepted by topic author DaveK
‎10-12-2016 10:39 AM

Re: User pref files

[ Edited ]

history files are separate for managed and native NX sessions, since the paths inside are different.

everything with a cryptic name starting with the name of the operating system user and some hex values is a temporary file that was left from a crashed attempt of saving something and can be deleted without notice.

I would also delete the corrupt MTX file to prevent problems if the user would reactivate it.

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