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Weird behavior with the physics navigator




I'm using NX11 (mostly with MCD) for 2 months now, and I feel there is something wrong with the physics navigator.

So, I have some containers (like basic physics, joints and constraints and some custom containers) and I like to work with every container collapsed except those I work with (like, the "Signals" container and my "Point on curve" (POC) custom constainer for example).


But, everytime I change something in an object (like the offset in a point on curve object), every container expands. So I have to collapse all, expand Signals and POC containers again, and sort by name...

When it happens once or twince, no problems, but at the end of the day, it makes me a little upset ! Smiley Wink


I looked for in the properties to customize this, but I only found the column properties (name, type, owner component).


Is there something i can do?


Best regards