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cell selection

Hello all, i am developing a program where the user should select a single cell from a tabular note then an idSymbol should appear to the left of the row of the selected cell. Any body know how to do this, i have tried alot with MaskTriple to filter the objects and select cells but all i can get is the selection of the entire tabular note. thanks in advance

Re: cell selection

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Unfortunately it is not currently possible to prompt the user to select either a row or an individual cell of a Tabular Note.  This note appears in the uf_tabnot.h header file:

    Note on Selection:
    (a) Selection function UF_UI_select_with_single_dialog returns a
    tabular note section in all cases. Please use the function
    UF_TABNOT_ask_tabular_note_of_section to get the tabular note from the section.
    (b) Selection of tabular note rows and columns is not currently supported.

We have several Enhancement Requests (see below) asking for this ability to be added to our API so you could contact GTAC and ask to be added to the list of customers who would find this helpful.

In the meantime, your application could prompt the user to enter a row number.  If you need them to select a specific cell in the row, then you could have them choose from a list of the column headers (cell values in the first row.)

Enhancement Description:  Please create a new selection filtering mechanism to enable selection of individual rows, columns, and cells of existing tabular note objects from an NXOpen API application.  Currently the selection mask can on

Re: cell selection

Thanks SteveLabout i apperciate your help.