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double clicking no longer opens prts


Hi all,

I know this topic has probably been beaten to death at this point but i feel i need to ask in my own words.

I am currently using NX8 on windows7 at my company. we have a network where all our program licences are managed on a single terminal's hard drive, our files are stored on separate network drive and the programs themselves such as NX are installed on our individual computer C-drives. this has never been an issue before but lately when I (and maybe 1 or 2 others) double click on a .prt file through windows explorer it opens NX8 but not the part file. One either has to drag the .prt from the folder to the work space or go through file open or any of the other in-program methods. Double clicking while a window opens simply opens another empty NX window (session). I have tried the traditional method of reassigning the default program to no avail (it is always set as nx8 but i reassign it anyway) and am wondering if it may be something like because NX is on my computer's C-drive and the part files are stored on the separate network drive (again this has never been a problem) and there is some sort of break in the connection between directories or if there is some sort of setting that might have accidently got changed like "open everything in a new window" and it just can't complete the process. Please advise when possible.


Thank You.


Re: double clicking no longer opens prts

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

The default is not a simple association, since there are command line options needed to open a part file with ugraf.exe


The default setting for the file association is:

"%UGII_ROOT_DIR%\ugs_router.exe" -ug -use_file_dir "%1"

Using ugraf.exe, the main NX executable, the command line would be:

"%UGII_ROOT_DIR%\ugraf.exe" -nx -retrieve:"%1"
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Re: double clicking no longer opens prts

Does this occur on some parts? Or all parts?

In NX is already running, does the part open when you double click it?


It could be there are characters in the file path that are tripping up the command line.


The first thing to do is examine the ugs_router*.syslog file in your temp folder.

Look closely at the directory and file names - something like this:


Router: Setting working directory to "D:\users\QA\Workflows\Mold Die WF Test 6"
Router: Sending part filename (type 2) "D:\users\QA\Workflows\Mold Die WF Test 6\Mold_Die_WF_Test_6.prt"...

 If that looks good, look at the syslog of your NX session, and search for INTEROP to see where the router is passing the file name to NX. Something like this:


UGINTEROP: Part "D:\users\QA\Workflows\Mold Die WF Test 6\Mold_Die_WF_Test_6.prt" --> "D:\users\QA\Workflows\Mold Die WF Test 6\Mold_Die_WF_Test_6.prt"
UGINTEROP: Receiving part filename...
UGINTEROP: Opening part D:\users\QA\Workflows\Mold Die WF Test 6\Mold_Die_WF_Test_6.prt...
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